Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tips to Choose Payday Loan

Loan could help you to solve your financial problem and online loan make it so easy for you to apply and get the money. On the other hand, wrong choice of loan will lead you to debt problem that you will never able to avoid bankruptcy. Do you know how to choose payday loan?

The lender is the most important thing to be considered. You must only choose legal and reputable lender. If you choose loan network to increase your chance, you need to choose legal and reputable provider for the lenders in the network will be legal and reputable too. Instead of nationwide payday loans, it is better to choose local payday loans in your state since different state may have different regulation for payday and other online loans. Interest rate and fees is very important that you must make sure you have the ability to pay in on your repayment. The next thing important is terms and conditions that you must read it entirely with careful so you will know what you can expect and what will happen with you after you get the loan.

Always thing about it carefully before apply. Make sure you get optimum benefit from the loan and do not borrow more than you can afford to repay. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Hunt for Ideal Life Insurance Quotes

Everybody will get older and soon people will realize that they have to get such stable condition for the future life. People will do the best in getting some great support for the future life. It is well explained in the special service of life insurance. 

The service of life insurance will not abandon the future life that you can get. This is why the service of life insurance will provide the best for you. It can be seen from the great benefit of gaining the impressive life insurance quotes. Some life insurance services may be able to give the high amount of compensation for particular cases. If you want to learn more about the simplicity in finding the great life insurance service, it is suggested that you hunt for the information via online.
The detail for the service of life insurance may be available in the internet and it will be easy for you to get to know about the great policy that will be given for the deal in using the service of life insurance. Just use your time to learn about the deal once you have a special desire of using the service of life insurance. Ensure that the policy of life insurance will be suitable to something that you want.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Get Auto Insurance Coverage Right Away

Most of the people might not think that insurance service is something which can be helpful for them. Take the example of the auto insurance service. They think that as long as they can drive safely and take good care of the condition of the car, they will not face any troublesome condition.

Well, the things that have been stated before are actually related to the theoretical matters. In other words, it is what is thought by the people. However, the real situation might be different. It is very possible for your car to have some kind of problems or you have sudden accident. Of course, such situation will make you regret in thinking the way how it has been stated earlier. That is why you are highly recommended to get the help from the insurance company to cover the condition of your car. Well, there is nothing to worry about it.

It is true that you will need to spend some money for such insurance service. However, you should assume it as your investment. Whenever bad things really happen in which the chance can be quite high, you will have the financial assistance to cover such bad things. So, are you still thinking that insurance service is not important?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Convergence: A Novel of a Catastrophic Future

Well thought out, systematically executed science fiction (or fact), this novel is humanity's frantic response to the effects of its own ignorance. Of the catastrophe, climate change is only one of the effects. What becomes clear is that when an "effect" arises, it then can and does "affect" other systems. It is kind of an anti-symbiosis wherein the damage caused by ever increasingly interdepending disasters fuels the fire for their own destruction.
This is not a spoiler. The narrative of Convergence ends with a note from an anthrohistorian in 2721, 700 years after the collapse. "A finite world can support only a finite population; therefore, population growth must eventually equal zero." In addition to the controversial partisanship stalemating problems such as climate change, economic inequality and unceasing warfare, overpopulation has become equally destructive. By the narrative's end, the author states the uncomfortable question bluntly. As much as we've done (or propose to do) about those economic, social and climate issues, should we also consider regulating human breeding? And if so, how can we prevent a Big Brother scenario if such considerations are made and implemented?
Paul Boerger's novel "Convergence" addresses this very issue by presenting a stark, dystopic future resulting from multiple problems all converging at a certain time: 2020. The novel makes the case that we are able to prevent our own destruction, genetically determined or not, but this requires keen awareness of ecology, evolution, conscience, economic equality and the relative morality in terms of the social and the individual good. Perhaps the most shocking or thought-provoking elements of the book is the warning about overpopulation. Although not outright liberal, this novel differs from works such as 1984, Brave New World, and Anthem in that it proposes that a lack of government reform on social and industrial practices (rather than an overabundance of state interference) are to blame for the impending catastrophe.
"Convergence" shifts back and forth between three essential time periods: pre-convergence (2020), post-convergence (2220) and the convergence itself (2021). The perhaps intentional irony is that pre-sight (not hindsight) is 2020, the very year global problems are beginning to converge. As each scientist reiterates, at any point in time during the novel, these problems were preventable. A virus breaks out, many small wars are being fought around the world (so many, that the total far exceeds the fighting in either of the World Wars), and the gap between the rich and poor has never been greater. Each problem leads to others and exacerbates them all. Thus, the convergence is not just a coalescence of world changing events, but an exponential chain reaction making each event more catastrophic.
The omniscient narrative shifts back and forth between the three years (2020, 2021 and 2220) with a series of updates or news reports, making the novel read like a non-linear (yet cogent) series of articles, damage control documents and journal entries. As the novel jumps from year to year, it also follows separate lives, some of whom also converge on each other, reinforcing one of the novel's central themes which is that "everything affects everything." And despite the constant shifting in perspective and time, the narrative flows quite smoothly, the complex convergence of catastrophic events coalesces like the analogous, yet paradoxical, perfect storm.
The novel ends with a short note from Boerger and an inclusion of the essay "Tragedy of the Commons," by Garret Hardin, which proposes regulation on human breeding. The article makes a very methodical argument on the ecological and evolutionary impacts of legislating such regulation. Without legislative regulations on breeding, only those who are selfless and intelligent enough to restrain from breeding will do so voluntarily. Ergo, by the rules of evolution, in time, those thoughtful restrainers will be weeded out, leaving only those who do not consider the social good. In other words, conscience will be weeded out evolutionarily. This is an even more stark outcome of the typical post-apocalyptic scenario because we not only would have lost a sense of humanity; we would also have lost the awareness of its value.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dead of Knight by William R Potter Is a Suspenseful Thriller That Is Tough to Put Down

Author William R. Potter scores big with his mystery, suspense thriller, Dead of Knight. Set in the rural community of Hanson, British Columbia, we follow a police detective and his partner as they hunt down a serial killer.

This may sound like a well-used storyline, but Potter weaves a different kind of tale, rich in details, twists, and heart-thumping scenes. As the number of victims increase, the story-plot thickens, and we find ourselves in a mess of false suspects, copycats, and dead-end clues. Add to all this the element of differing and bickering politics between various branches of law enforcement, and you've got some frustrating moments. Just when you think the case is about to broken, something happens which throws the police off and another murder is committed.

In addition to all of the above, our main character police detective is being haunted by a past. He's a good cop and a thorough detective, but he once made a terrible mistake that resulted in a child being shot. These memories almost cause him to lose his career as well as his cool a few times. As we go along, there's an incident where he's close, but the killer gets the upper hand and makes an attempt on his life that results in severe injuries. At one point, a criminal is caught that many think is the killer, and this guy even confesses to the murders. But our detective knows better and continues on his quest to capture the real serial killer even when other cops, including his own boss, don't believe him. Against these and other odds, our detective keeps focus and in some cases, single-handedly pieces together clues about the killer.

The press has come to call this killer 'The Birthday Boy' due to the fact that one of his many trademarks is killing on the victim's birthday. But we come to find out there's a specific reason for this. In fact, the killer leaves several trademarks that end up having to do with particular events in a very dark past. This killer is actually out for revenge, and his whole life has been consumed with planning and executing a series of murders he believes he's doing in the name of justice and even righteousness.

There are elements throughout this work that make it believable and realistic. If you're a reader that needs to have the feel-good and hero-saves-all storyline, this is not a book for you. This is a gritty account of how evil can and does hurt not just some, but in this case, a lot of innocent victims. Our killer is smart and is able to stay several steps ahead of the police even as he knows they are closing in. Unfortunately, this is a reality that cannot be denied. In real life there have been very intelligent killers that have gotten away with scores more than this killer does, and some have never been caught. This work also contains a level of violence and language that some may not want to read. But again, this is the world we live in.

In the end, there is justice, but not without a huge price. Our police detective is drained both physically and emotionally for a number of reasons. Additionally, one of the cops we come to know ends up dead. But with his remaining strength, our detective sets out in search of a lost person that helps him, at least to some extent, heal his broken past.

If you think this book is for you, then read Dead of Knight, but be prepared to read in long bouts without putting it down. It's suspenseful, it's sometimes frustrating, but it's gripping. It will make you want to see how it concludes. I would be surprised if a movie company didn't eventually pick up on this work.

Kelly Libatique is a professional speaker, technical trainer, and author. He holds a Master's in Education and a Bachelor's in Psychology. He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Anne and two sons.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Flame of Resistance

WW2 like all other historic events, even recent ones, makes for exciting books of all genres and this one is no exception! FLAME is a French resistance cell that operates like all other cells, undercover in plain sight. Tom is in the USAAF and is shot down shortly before D-Day. He is met by a Frenchman who questions him briefly about many things to make sure he is who he says he is. Once Tom passes the test, he is left in the care of an elderly woman until he heals from his wounds. All Tom knows about this grand lady is that she has hidden and cared for many Allied soldiers. Is that all there is to this lady or is there more to her story?

Since Tom resembles a German soldier he is recruited by the resistance to infiltrate and carry out a mission that has direct implications for D-Day. All Tom wants to do is get back in the air as a pilot, until he meets a woman in a brothel. Her name is Brigitte. She has inherited the house from her grandfather and turns it into a brothel as she figures it is the only means to survive since she lost the love of her life along with everyone else while waiting for freedom.

Braun is a German officer of sorts who shows his true colors later in the story in a way that is a surprise to the reader. Inside a building is where the SS takes its prisoners to extract information from them in some very torturous ways. Is there no one in France with a heart of compassion? Where is the faith and fight of the people? Keep reading the novel as there are many important characters, scenes, twists and turns to this work of fiction.

The characters are from many different backgrounds; seemingly some operate one way only for the reader to discover something else. At different times in the suspenseful telling of the story, the reader won't be able to quit reading because of the spellbinding tale presented. You will find yourself at the edge of your seat, waiting in suspense to turn the page and find out how different difficulties are handled by spies, allies, and ordinary people during the occupation.

Prepare for a rollercoaster ride when you begin this novel of suspense, mystery, and more as history unfolds in the pages of Flame of Resistance. The author does a superb job of weaving many threads together into a work of art that captures both the heart and the imagination of readers. It is a 5+ star rating from beginning to end. Well done!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cottage by the Sea, a Wonderful Novel

"The First and the First Lady" is first and foremost a fictitious tale about how President Obama and the First Lady met and fell in love. It's a sweet love story with a strong comedic flavor, a step above the typical romantic comedy.

From the very beginning, readers are immersed in the titillating story of Barack Obama as he tries to convince the women in his life that he is worth so much more than great sex. That topic alone may have been enough for a different kind of writer but not Michael David and Sarah Box they have a few tricks up their sleeves.

"The First and the First Lady" follows a young Barack Obama as he learns to stand up for himself, speak his mind and pursue what's important to him. The story catapults to greatness with the introduction of Dr. Berry. Dr. Berry is quite funny as the quack psychologist who is obviously more in need of therapy than his patients. He gives us outrageous and bizarre characterization that leads to clever dialogue and gives the tale the edge and uniqueness that we so love and admire.

This romantic tale is not just about romance. It's about something much more important empowering yourself and going for what you really want at all costs. Barack Obama, a hopeless romantic, is convinced that the world is populated with sex-starved women. Throughout his days and nights, he is bombarded with vivacious, sultry women, visiting his apartment, even accosting him on the street. Though he shares some enjoyable moments with these women, Barack grows tired of the overwhelming attention. It has gone on long enough and he wants so much more.

When Barack finally meets the girl that he believes is like no other, we learn the true meaning of pulling out all stops. Just when we think the story has come to a successful conclusion, the writer throws us a curve, proving once again that true comedy is totally unpredictable.

Michael David and Sarah Box's story picks up hot and heavy steam in the middle and hurtles to a memorable, feel-good conclusion. With the authors' infused dialogue and charged action, Michael David and Sarah Box make it clear in no uncertain terms that they are a major new voice in the literary world.

"The First and the First Lady" is a unique story filled with quick wit and many surprises and there are no lulls in this screenplay, so get comfortable because you will read it all in one sitting. It's easy to read without being overly descriptive, and the characters are people we would love to meet. Readers will be impressed by this comedy in so many ways.